Whether your horse is a Grand Prix competitor, a racehorse, rescue horse or a retired paddock pet, he or she would benefit from equine massage therapy.

Horses, like humans are never born 100% symmetrical. We may strive to correct this with balanced and targeted training, maybe with corrective farriery or podiatry and maybe even subconsciously adjusting our own riding position to suit the horse’s way of going!

Add the stresses of everyday life such as hooning around in an uneven paddock, let alone jumping big tracks or riding advanced tests, and your horse could become more asymmetrical and sore. When the body is out of kilter, it will try to adjust to the situation by using certain muscles more, and other muscles less. This leads to atrophy (shrivelling) of the underused muscles and pain and tension in the overused ones. This will have a knock-on effect on your horses’ performance and certainly their level of comfort.

Muscles and tissues which are overused and fatigued are at risk of toxin build up, and have a tendency to remain contracted, or ‘tight’, following use. Unless these connective tissues are released and relaxed, they get progressively tighter and more contracted with each use, and so the cycle continues. Muscles are used as levers in the body, in conjunction with bones. The more contracted and less ‘springy’ the connective tissues are, the less effectively they can perform, radiating the pressure out to other areas and leading to tears in muscle fibres and tendon and/or ligament strain. Additionally if the connective tissues are hypercontracted, the bones are pulled too close together and the articulating cartilage starts to wear away, leading to painful bone on bone rubbing. This is called degredation of a joint and is what has eventually happened when a human requires a knee or hip replacement.

There is a solution for our equine friends! Massage therapy will help to re-balance your horse, and free them from pain and tension so that they can use their bodies more equally, with maximum strength and flexibility. This will help to prevent any injuries, re-occurrence of previous injuries and it will help them reach their full potential.

I have a range of different modalities that I blend and tailor to each individual horse, including equine sports massage, red light (photonic) therapy, equine acupressure, equine myofascial release and deep tissue mobilisation. I can also help with specific stretching and exercise physiology for the onward progress of your horse if required.

A typical session will often include a static and dynamic assessment, massage, photonics and stretching PLUS stretching and ridden exercise recommendations for you to further help the onward progress of your horse.

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