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Nila Latimer – Advanced dressage competitor.“I have four dressage horses ranging in age from 4 to 9 years old and competing from preparatory through to advanced level dressage. Apart from their general wellbeing, it is important for my horses to be as free moving as possible for them to perform at their best. All my horses have all been treated by Louise and I was very impressed with the attention Louise gave to assessing each horse’s general health, conformation, and particularly gait analysis prior to treatment.Each horse had his own particular areas of discomfort and Louise used a variety of her treatment modalities depending on each horse’s requirements. Louise has an obvious rapport with horses and my horses really appeared to enjoy their treatment once the tight spots had been released. Louise is very thorough in the way she works and I wish I could have all my horses treated every week. I would recommend Louise to anyone whose horse’s could use the treatments modalities Louise has to offer.I have included the photo because this was taken after treatment…and this is one of the first times that I have really felt Roy in losgelassenheit (soft and accepting of all the aids *editors note: state of deep relaxation*). Roy has been going really nicely lately…overall he’s much softer and rounder these days. Cheers, Nila”
horse therapy
Nila Latimer

Jane Geoghegan, owner of Meg (Rotty x Mastiff forelimb amputee).  “Meg adores her massage sessions with Louise!! If her facial expressions are anything to go by, she’s in Doggy Seventh Heaven!! And it’s helping her too – an added bonus.”  5 star rated.

Canine posterior cruciate ligament stretch

Note: Meg is a gorgeous 10 y.o. forelimb amputee who had begun to limp with the hind leg on the same side. Vet diagnosed posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) degeneration, and this picture beautifully illustrates a gentle PCL passive stretch with the stifle and hip joints supported, following red light treatment and a thorough massage of the area to both relax, and move blood and toxins to allow cell regeneration (healing).

Ros Holder, NSW Endurance rider.

“Louise has worked on my horse, Kenny, on several occasions. She was very thorough, methodical and had excellent knowledge of horse anatomy.Kenny clearly was relaxed and trusting of Louise who closely watched his reactions while she worked.Louise was strong in her work which sometimes revealed sore or tight areas on the horse and she dealt with these situations appropriately.Before the massage Kenny had some minor gait issues and soreness which were rectified by Louise. All in all a very pleasing and educational experience for horse and owner. From Ros Holder”

equine rehab
Ros Holder

Jo Rate, pleasure rider

“Louise gave my horse Rocco a thorough appraisal before performing equine therapeutic massage on him. I noticed how much Rocco was relaxing into the treatment, especially when a muscle at first was quite tight and a bit uncomfortable for him. Louise knew exactly how much and how little she needed to do to free up the tight spots. I could see how much he was really enjoying the ‘hands on’ experience.

  • Louise is very professional
  • Warm and caring
  • Intuitive and totally committed to her craft
  • Passionate about horses

I would definitely recommend Louise to all my horse owner friends so that their horses could benefit from her highly developed skills in equine therapy. Best wishes, Jo and Rocco”

Equine therapy
Jo Rate

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“Louise comes highly recommended…her dedication, knowledge and compassion towards animals is apparent in the quality and results of her work.” 5 star rating – Michelle D.

“A very knowledgeable therapist who has a great empathy with both horses and dogs. I have tried a few different people and techniques for my animals, and Louise is the best by far. I recommend her to anyone and everyone :) ” 5 star rating.  Ellie Austin – Ellie Austin Equine.


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